Season 3, Episode 1: Celebrating with Jack Daniels


Sue, Katie, and Meagan are back with Season 3, and this time the Runner Girls are training to run a faster 5K race. Find out what the Runner Girls have been up to since last season, and how they plan to train for their 5K goals.


Season 2, Episode 1: No, Don’t Touch It


In our season premiere, Katie, Sue, and Meagan catch up on what they’ve been up to over the holidays. They also learn about aerobic vs anaerobic running in the weekly topic, share some new recommends, and announce the first Runner Girl of the Week, and unveil the Runner Girl Charity Challenge. If you’d like to participate in the Charity Challenge, find out more at

Season 1, Episode 1: Meet the Runner Girls


In this first episode, meet the Runner Girls Sue, Katie, and Meagan. Find out who they are and why they are training for the half marathon, as well as how they are preparing for their training plans.

Download now: Episode 1: Meet the Runner Girls

The Runner Girl Recommends for this show can be found:

Meagan: Run Like a Girl by Mina Samuels

Sue: C25K Free app by Zen Labs

Katie: Run for Your Life, a documentary about Fred Lebow and the New York Marathon