Season 4, Episode 26: Southern Summers Make Stronger Runners


This week Meagan goes back to school, Sue goes to a wedding, and we’re talking about how to avoid overtraining.


Season 2, Episode 10: When You Look Good, You Run Better


This week Katie, Meagan, and Sue are full of good runs. We talk Supercompensation and Overtraining, wonder what’s gotten into Meagan, and discuss whether taking an ice bath is preferable to “old lady syndrome”.

Season 2, Episode 6: Tempting Fate


Six days and counting to Meagan’s Gasparilla Half Marathon, as she contemplates an important decision about her running shoes, Katie shovels out from under an inch of snow, and Sue takes a quiz about overtraining. We also discuss stamina workouts, and the best ways to conquer a mountain.