Season 7, Episode 9: Still in the Running


This week Sue and Meagan talk about common postural distortion patterns, muscle imbalances, the injuries they cause, and how to correct and prevent them. 


Season 3, Episode 48: A Different Kind of Miserable


The Runner Girls are back after two weeks off, and this time it’s Katie’s turn to be sick; Sue is on a cleaning kick; and Meagan announces some big life changes. In our injury series, we’re talking about various foot ailments.

Season 1, Episode 8: The One Without the Running


Running? What’s that? This week we struggle to get some runs in, discuss injury treatment methods, and share some not-so-running-related Runner Girl Recommends. Want to join us on next week’s episode? Email for more info!

Download now: Episode 8: The One Without the Running

Injury Treatment Links:

Acute Injury Management

PRICE Needs Updating – Should We Call the POLICE?

Runner Girl Recommends:

Katie: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

Sue: Bakery Story

Meagan: Kindle PaperWhite