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Runner Girls Podcast is a weekly show about women brought together by a love of running. We talk about our goals and training, share race recaps, and recognize the efforts and achievements of our listeners. We also discuss different topics related to running – training, acclimating to seasonal running, how to deal with the demands of life, and plenty of personal issues that affect women runners as well. 

Join us each week as we share the ups and downs of short and long runs, interviews with expert runners, great products we’ve discovered, as well as going in depth on topics like how to know if you’re ready for a half or full marathon, proper nutrition before and after runs, when and how to do speed work, and most importantly, running skirts: yay or nay?

Sue and Meagan

Sue and Meagan at the 2019 Pumpkinman Olympic Triathlon.


16 thoughts on “About the Show

  1. Really enjoy your podcast. As a beginning runner I’ve picked up lots of great tips and ideas from your show. I look forward each week to the next podcast coming out. Keep up the great work and thanks for taking the time to produce the show. Best of luck in all that you do. Now go outside and run!

  2. Just found you girls and your podcast as I searched for things to occupy my mind while I train for my first marathon on June 22. You’ll be my airwaves that day. Thanks for the fun conversation! I find myself chiming in out loud while I’m running. LOL! Good luck to you all on your future running endeavors!

  3. I have been talking about running a half marathon for 4,5 years and never got motivated…. Now with my husband’s help I’ve been able to run regularly 🙂 But after I found your podcast, I am really enjoying it!!! Thank you ladies, and please keep up the good work!

  4. Hello Megan, Katie and Sue! I have been listening for your podcasts (a season behind!) on my long runs since I began training for my first marathon last summer. Last Sunday, I ran the Berlin Marathon- without stopping, yay- one month after my 18th birthday. I have only been running 21 months and so I’m no professional, but I just wanted to say thank you for all the motivating and fun podcasts that helped me through my boring, long runs- I even listened to season 2 between miles 2-16. I’m still buzzing from the experience and have signed up for Edinburgh marathon!! Thanks ladies, lots of love from England!

  5. Every time I listen to your podcast when out running I think ‘I mUst drop them a line sometime’ and then of course once I’m home I forget. I don’t tweet or facebook so here I am, having finally looked up your page. The two best tips I’ve picked up so far from your shows are: 1) Porridge with honey and sultanas and 2) Running with only ONE earphone in place.
    1) I’m a Scot living in the Netherlands and haven’t eaten porridge for decades, but when I recently heard one of you raving about it I decided it might be a good running fuel and adopted your ‘add yummy stuff to it’ approach. I now often have a bowl after a run and always think of you when I make it.
    2) Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that?! I can listen to podcasts or music but not be cut off totally from the outside world.
    I’m a bit behind with the podcasts and was first listening mostly to old episodes but now I’m keen to hear when the baby arrives so am tending to listen to the newest one first. I love your enthusiastic recordings and it is so nice to hear female voices as most of the other running podcasts I listen to tend to be male domingated. Thanks for all your work and for sharing your experiences so generously.

  6. Hi Katie, Megan, and Sue,
    I just found your podcast by accident by looking through the iTunes. I started listening to you ladies talk about running! I started with Season 1 of the podcast and playing catch up. My friend and I ran our first half marathon in 2010 with the Rock and Roll Phoenix, which I had so much fun. The 2nd half marathon was with the Women’s Half Marathon in Phoenix. This one was an experience. I moved to GA and traveled to run it with my other friend. This half was fun till all of sudden my knee started to hurt on mile 7, but kept on going and finished the race. My training was great too with no injury so I wondered what happened. After going to the doctor, found out it was an ITB issue. Due to injury, and been frustrated that my fitness was horrible, I didn’t run at all for the year 2012. I started back to running in 2013 trying to get my fitness back. My goal for this is year to up my mileage and maybe speed with running another half marathon in the fall! Keep it up with the podcast!!

  7. Hi Ladies,
    I’ve been enjoying your podcast right from the very beginning. I must say my favourite part of the show is your recommends! I’ve tried so many of them, and as such now have a great love of “The stick”, compressions socks, and a variety of websites that help keep me motivated. And to answer the eternal running skirt question…YES!!! I found mine on http://www.skirtsports.com and i love it! It’s a must for a Sweaty Betty like me 🙂

  8. Hi ladies,

    I picked up your podcast after reading about it in an interview someone did with I think it was Women’s Running Magazine, (not 100% sure though)! It’s taken me 4 weeks, but I’ve finally caught up with your podcasts! I’ve been listening to them on my commute to and from work & when I’m running errands. I’m sure people are wondering what the hell is making me laugh! 😛

    The podcasts been a good source of information re: training plans & especially your runner girl recommends. I’m now on daily mile too where I can log & post all my runs with bombarding the hell out of people on Facebook page! 🙂

    You girls have also inspired me to train for a half marathon next May, as I completed both a 5 & 10 km race this year & I’m like well if you ‘real’ women can do it then so can I!

    It’s really refreshing to hear real people talk about the triumphs, struggles success and what that they have while running, which I can relate too, as opposed to reading about it in magazines.

    Keep it & many thanks!


    (Burnaby, BC, Canada)

  9. I really enjoy listening to your show even if I have to listen to it at 1.5 speed! It motivates me to get running the next day (I usually listen at night) and it also makes me feel so good to know you all struggle with many of the same things I do like squeezing in a run after a long day at work, or if I get thrown off my training schedule. Most of all it’s encouraging to hear running a 5k in 30 minutes isn’t so easy. My goal is to run a 5k in 30 for Thanksgiving so I’ll be listening really good to make sure I hit my goal! Thanks for all your great inspiration!

  10. I just wanted to say thanks for the recommends! I ordered my first Erin Condren Life Planner based on your recommendations and I absolutely love it! I can’t figure out how I got along with out it for so long!

  11. Ive started a bit backwards and have listened to season 3 and am now downloading seasons 1 and 2 to help me through my training for my first half marathon in May. Find the podcasts really easy to listen to and find it takes my mind off the many hills i have to run up!! Cant wait till your back this year so i can continue to follow your running and races. 🙂

  12. You guys are awesome! Thanks for making me your runner girl of the week (I am a guy). Been a fan for years. I live in a small community so most of my runs are at the schools that are in our community. Our elementary, middle, and high schools are on one large piece of property with a few close neighborhoods. I actually did a Century Ride on those school grounds back in 2014. Anyway thanks again, y’all are awesome, and Happy Holidays!!

  13. Hi there! I’ve been meaning to write for months, but I usually listen on runs, so I always forget once I get back home! 🙂 I was runner girl of the week twice recently, and the second time Sue asked what I was training for. I did the Walt Disney world marathon! It was my first marathon, and so fun!

    Thanks for podcasting!! I love listening to you two—Your pod is the only one I listen to right when it comes out! I’ve been listening forever—I was trying to remember how long, and recalled I was runner girl in 2014, (I remember because it was a 10K PR at the time.) I’ve enjoyed sharing your running journey with you. You’ve inspired me numerous times and I can’t wait to hear how Flying Pig goes!!

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