Season 10, Episode 32: Forced Active Release


This week Meagan rehabs her piriformis, Sue runs a little, we begin Running with Sherman in Meagan’s Book Club, our Runner Girl of the Week has some animal encounters of her own, we talk more about winter running gear, and this week in Running News Shalane Flanagan runs the NYC Marathon, the final of her World Marathon Majors, all under 3 hours, plus New York adds a non-binary gender category for runners!

Listen now: Episode 32: Forced Active Release

Meagan’s Book Club

Current selection: Running with Sherman by Christopher McDougall

Runner Girls Book List on Amazon

Runner Girl of the Week

Deanne on Strava

Winter Running Gear

Baleaf Thermal Leggings

Oiselle Lux Watch Window Gloves

Smartwool SmartLoft 60 Skirt

Bombas Performance Ski Snowboard Socks 


Little Donkey Andy Quilted Skirt

Fleece Leggings with Pockets

Ponytail Running Beanie

Womens Tech Gloves

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