Season 9, Episode 36: A Safe Space


This week Meagan and Sue share their training, offer some new Runner Girl Recommends, discuss “Running Outside the Comfort Zone” in Meagan’s Book Club, crown a new Runner Girl of the Week, and consider the merits of running a naked 5K.

Runner Girl Recommends

Meagan: Perrier Peach & Cherry

Sue: The Jane Fonda Experiment by Bret Contreras and The Fire Hydrant on YouTube

Meagan’s Book Club

Current selection: Running outside the comfort zone by Susan Lacke

Next selection: Running to the Edge: A Band of Misfits and the Guru Who Unlocked the Secrets of Speed by Matthew Futterman

Runner Girls Book List on Amazon

Runner Girl of the Week

Jo Love on Strava

Also Mentioned on the Show:

Grace Alexander wins 70.3 Ironman

Chris Nikic is first athlete with Down Syndrome to complete Ironman

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