Season 6, Episode 13: More Race for You


This week Meagan is running again, Sue is pumping iron, and we’re talking about what’s next for Runner Girls Podcast. 

Listen now: Episode 13: More Race for You

Runner Girl Recommends:
Sue: Strong Lifts 5×5 App
Meagan: Stridebox

Runner Girl of the Week:
Marissa on Strava


2 thoughts on “Season 6, Episode 13: More Race for You

  1. Oh girls!!! So going to miss you both! I have been with you from the beginning! You are both amazing, real, honest people and I’ve learned so much from following you! I wish you both all the very best and will look forward to your next race recap! All the best to you both! 💜💜💜

  2. Hi, ladies!
    I’m shedding a little tear knowing that you won’t be back in full force every week in 2018, but I completely understand. I look forward to race recaps and updates! I wish I could be your podcast manager/editor, but I’ve never edited a podcast before. Perhaps I’ll start my own some day! 😀

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