Season 6, Episode 11: Tuna Braces


This week Sue prepares for Rockfest, Meagan has a new plan, and we’re talking about tune-up races in our coaching segment. 

Listen now: Episode 11: Tuna Braces

Try Some Tune-Up Races on

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Meagan – Make a plan
Sue – Bally Total Fitness Deep Tissue Massage Stick

Runner Girl of the Week:
Deborah on Strava


One thought on “Season 6, Episode 11: Tuna Braces

  1. TUNA BRACES! Thank you for the chuckle this afternoon during my run, ladies! I feel like I’m in the same boat as you both with re-evaluating races and goals. I dropped from the full to the half for the Monster Mash race in Dover, DE on Oct. 21, because I just haven’t gotten in long runs like I should, plus I was sick with a sinus infection/chest cold for more than a week. I feel a lot less pressure on myself now, and I’m looking forward to seeing my town in a different way! I can’t wait to hear the Rockfest race recap, Sue! Good luck and have fun!

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