In Limbo

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As a result of my recent changes in employment over the past year, I feel like I have been in either a constant state of flux or a state of limbo. Learning a new job for six months, then deciding it wasn’t a good fit for me has caused me to re-enter the job market, and try to find something else. I have been offered a few jobs which I have been reluctant to accept, mostly due to the hours. One sales job would have required me to give up weekends, evenings, and my days. Another job would have been too far to travel and still have time to participate in running activities and family time. I have applied at multiple staffing firms, and realize that I am qualified for nothing that pays well and fits within a normal 8-5 workday within a reasonable driving distance. I constantly ask myself, “Am I being too picky?” I don’t want to accept a job that will compromise the rest of my life, and end up with me quitting anyway.

I have a lot of skills, and am a great worker, so I’m sure I will eventually find a good position. I just feel like I’m in limbo waiting for it to happen. I have the same feeling about my ongoing marathon training. I have had a lot of tough runs  lately, but I know I’m on the edge of a breakthrough, and I just kinda feel like I’m in limbo waiting for things to happen. I am eager for marathon training to be over because I really want to get keto adapted again without having it affect my training. The recent problems I’ve been having with getting nauseous during my runs has only compounded that feeling. I’m sure I am having some kind of gastrointestinal issue, and I feel like it can either be corrected by a ketogenic diet, or at least avoided by being able to comfortably run in a depleted state.

So I don’t really know what to do with myself right now. For my runs, I think I’m going to try fueling with cornstarch again and see how that goes. If that still makes me nauseous, maybe I can try energy chews – just taking a few at a time.  As for work, just got to keep putting myself out there, I guess. Just keep trucking.


2 thoughts on “In Limbo

  1. Sorry things are in limbo! I’ve been there before and it is not fun in the least. I hope things work out with the job hunt. Also, I have struggled with nausea on the run for a long time. I’ve found that I can’t eat real food in the 2 hr window before I run or I have issues. However, if I run in the morning totally depleted sometimes I also feel sick (I think it’s due to blood sugars dropping) so if I’m running in the morning I’ll take a gel 15-30 mins before the run. I’ve had good success with hammer gels or tailwind. Gu’s and other things tend to cause me serious stomach issues. My favorite is tailwind, but its a powder you mix in your liquid so it takes more prep for racing with so I’ve been using the hammer gels this cycle to simplify NYC (since they don’t allow hydration vests). Maybe try those if cornstarch doesn’t work for you?

    On the asthma front – my doctor gave me a spacer to use with the inhaler and I take two puffs a half hr before I start running. Then if its particullary cold or humid I’ll take another puff right before I leave the house. Previously, I was just taking it 5 or so mins before leaving the house and still having issues. My doctor told me I wasn’t priming my lungs early enough and to do this method. It has helped a lot (still have issues on the super hot days, but its much more manageable).

    Good luck! Which half are you racing in a few weeks?

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. I generally don’t eat in the morning before running, except for my coffee with cream, and that has never been an issue before this summer. I’ve never had a problem with Gu’s before either. I have tried Hammer Gels in the past, and did have issues with those. I think it was the fructose, or some of the other unprocessed natural ingredients which seem to take longer to digest than the maltodextrin that I’m used to. I have never tried Tailwind, but I will look into it.

      I have done some research and it seems another possibility is that I’m simply over hydrating. Maybe I got used to drinking a lot of water during the summer, and now that it’s cooling off, I just don’t need to drink as much. Apparently one of the symptoms of hyponatremia is nausea. So that’s something I will work on adjusting too. Lately when I’ve been taking my gels, I’ve been washing them down with a ton of water, hoping that will aid in the digestion, but it might actually be exacerbating the problem.

      As for the asthma, I have just refilled my inhaler, so hopefully that won’t continue to be an issue. My doctor recommended that I do 2 puffs about 15 minutes before I run, but I’ll definitely play around with priming my lungs a little earlier.

      Thanks for all of the support. My next half marathon is the Wilmington Half Marathon in Wilmington, Mass, on Sept 17. Only $35 to register before race day! Two weeks later I will be running Rockfest in Hampton, NH, as always. 🙂

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