Season 6, Episode 7: Making Too Much Sense


This week Meagan gets testy, Sue quits her job, and we’re joined by Jennifer Thiel from to talk about how to make adjustments to marathon training. 

Listen now: Episode 7: Making Too Much Sense

Adjusting Your Training for Missed Workouts on

Runner Girl Recommends:
Sue – Relive App
Jennifer – Hamilton soundtrack
Meagan – Mental break / “Me Time”

Runner Girl of the Week:
Amanda on DailyMile

One thought on “Season 6, Episode 7: Making Too Much Sense

  1. I love checking out other running blogs, so I’m excited to take a look at the Oatmeal Runner’s site! I have to say that I miss the extra video content that you ladies started for two weeks. Bring back the videos! 😉 I’ll be listening to this week’s episode in about 20 minutes when I hop on the treadmill, so thanks (as always) for keeping me motivated!

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