No Such Thing as Motivation

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Warning: Language

I feel like I discuss motivation a lot on the podcast. Anyone who has been listening to the podcast lately can tell that I haven’t been running very much the past few months.

I can post a million motivating quotes and pictures, set up a training plan, and create goals for myself, but that isn’t actually motivation.

Sometimes running and accomplishing your goals means that you get the hell out there when that’s the last fucking  thing that you want. You run when it’s blazing hot and raining and when you feel like shit. It means that even if you planned on running with your husband and he doesn’t get his ass off the couch, you go anyway. His goals aren’t your goals.

And sometimes the motivation doesn’t exist. So, you make a schedule and you follow it. You get out there. You sweat your ass off, you make your time goals as much as you can, and do what the hell you want.

You remember how good it feels to move your feet on the ground, to talk to your runner friends that you haven’t seen in months, you deal with your depression and anxiety, and do what you love.

That’s going to be my mantra this summer running season. Just fucking run.

And then, I’m going to kick Sue’s ass and my own when I crush it at Richmond Marathon November 11.

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2 thoughts on “No Such Thing as Motivation

  1. I absolutely love this! Lately, I’ve been struggling mentally, and I’ll literally say to myself, “You’re strong AF!” That’s my mantra now, and it seems to be working. I also take my runs one mile at a time. So if I get to the next mile and feeling like stopping, I will. But chances are I’ll keep going, because what’s another 10–11 minutes in the grand scheme of things?!

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