Season 5, Episode 7: The Run Wife


This week Katie, Sue, and Meagan each have race recaps to share, and we share some yoga poses in our cross training series, so grab your yoga mat and follow along! 

Listen now: Episode 7: The Run Wife

Yoga for Runners on

Runner Girl Recommends:
Katie: The Little Clinic at Kroger
Meagan: Rest
Sue: Treadmills

Runner Girl of the Week:
Jeanine on DailyMile

2 thoughts on “Season 5, Episode 7: The Run Wife

  1. Hello, this new episode saved me from boredom, thank you! Yes, please, a bonus episode about paces. And I have a question: Have you ever heard about sleeping problems after long runs? Maybe I am the only on affected by that (can`t imagine that). If not, could that be a topic for another episode?

  2. Skechers makes great shoes-I have run in the go run and go run ride since they started making them. I was also a Nike free fan but they’ve changed the shoe lately and it doesn’t work for me.

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