Coaching Myself: Week Three Results & Week Four Plan

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So my recovery week last week definitely turned out to be a good idea. I hit all of my planned workouts, took it pretty easy overall, and came into this week cracking to go! I have been getting stronger, getting faster in my workouts, and have lost about 5 pounds already.

I have definitely been getting antsy to start running again soon, so week four might be my last week of no running. I think what I am going to do when I begin running again, is follow Pete Pfitzinger’s Return to Running plan, but keep up the cross training that’s going so well.  I will do the walk/run workouts on the treadmill at the gym, and then continue to workout as I have been so that I’m spending the same amount of total time working out. I think this will be a good transition to prevent any loss of fitness,  as I gradually increase my running time, and decrease my cross training time. It’s going to be a good spring!

I’m also looking into trying out some snowshoe running this winter. From what I’ve read, it’s a lot tougher than road running, but it’s also much lower impact so I think it would be a good addition to my training to supplement my running. Depending on how tough it is, I may or may not end up sticking with it, but it’s definitely something I am ready to try!

This week’s plan is to do:

Today: Upper body workout; 40 minutes elliptical; 20 minutes stairmaster
Tuesday: Lower body workout; Swim 30 minutes, aqua jog 30 minutes; Work 9-1
Wednesday: 40 minutes ARC trainer, 20 minutes cycling, Work 9-3
Thursday: Lower body workout; Swim 30 minutes, aqua jog 30 minutes
Friday: Upper body workout; Work 9-1
Saturday: Lower body workout
Sunday: Rest – Celebrate Christmas!

Total cardio time: 4 hours
Total bodyweight workouts: 2 upper body, 3 lower body

And my reward for this week will be DryMax Cold Weather Running Socks!


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