Coaching Myself: Week Two Results & Week Three Plan

Blog, Sue Cloutier

I successfully completed all of my scheduled workouts for this week, but it was kind of a tough week. I think my target of six hours of cardio time was a bit much, combined with work and home life. I’m really starting to miss running after not running for three weeks, and I miss eating holiday goodies. I also didn’t have much weight loss this week because of my cycle, so it’s frustrating to work so hard, refrain from running, refrain from eating sweets, and have little to show for it. At least I get to enjoy my “rewards” for sticking to my plan!

I noticed a twinge in my knee while biking at the gym yesterday, and definitely feel like a cutback week is in order for this week. I have a busy work schedule planned for this week as well, so better to keep the workouts on the lighter side. 

Here is my plan for week 3:
Monday: Upper body workout; Work 9-1
Tuesday: 30 minutes swimming and 30 minutes of aqua jogging; Work 10-2
Wednesday: 40 minutes elliptical, 20 minutes biking; Work 9-3
Thursday: Lower body workout; 30 minutes swimming, 30 minutes aqua jogging
Friday: Upper body workout; Work 9-2
Saturday: Off for family Christmas party
Sunday: Lower body workout; 40 minutes on the ARC trainer, 20 minutes biking
Total cardio time: 4 hours
Total bodyweight workouts: 2 upper body, 2 lower body
Target weight loss: 1 lb.
And my reward for this week will be a new Leuchtturm Hardcover Notebook.

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