Season 4, Episode 11: Got Me Doing It


This week Meagan, Sue, and Katie are talking about some of the wacky and interesting running records documented by Guinness World Records. This episode is sponsored by Jabra. Runner Girls listeners can get exclusive offers and product discounts by signing up at You will be entered to win the Jabra Pulse just by signing up for the newsletter!

Listen now: Episode 11: Got Me Doing It

Guinness World Records Resources:
How to Set a Running World Record
Guinness World Records Website

Runner Girl Recommends:
Sue: Running Calculator App
Meagan: Honey Peanut Butter on Bagels
Katie: KT Tape

Runner Girl of the Week:
Jean on Smashrun

Charity Challenge:
The 2016 Runner Girls Charity Challenge is now live. Click here for info on how to enter. Thanks to Jean Wheasler and Catherine Saggerson for donating this week!

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