Season 3, Episode 56: Cranky Time of Year


This week Katie and Meagan are counting the days until Christmas break, Sue is baking up treats she can’t enjoy, and the Runner Girls talk to Evelyn about her running journey on

Listen now: Episode 56: Cranky Time of Year

Runner Girl Recommends:
Meagan: Fabric Spray Paint
Sue: Pizza Lasagna Casserole
Katie: RetailMeNot

Runner Girl of the Week:

Nichole from Pittsburgh on DailyMile

Charity Challenge:

Thanks this week to Tammy Kubus for donating to the Runner Girls Charity Challenge. You can enter the Charity Challenge at


One thought on “Season 3, Episode 56: Cranky Time of Year

  1. Hi girls! I just got caught up on my podcasts during an epic 3 hour gift wrapping session (help?!) and was pleasantly surprised when I heard my name come up as Runner Girl of the Week again!
    As for the “jail” reference: There’s a popular running/cycling trail here in the city that takes you right past the jail. It has another name, but its commonly known as “the jail trail”. I have no intentions of seeing the inside – I’m happy just trotting by. šŸ˜‰
    Currently, I’m not training for anything – just keeping a base mileage going and my fitness up. I just ran the Marine Corps marathon at the end of October, and I’ll be starting my training cycle for the Pittsburgh Marathon very soon!
    Thank you for the shout out and thanks for being with me as I cut, wrap, tape, tag, etc. Happy Holidays!

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