Season 3, Episode 54: The FaceGirls


This week the Runner Girls are joined by author Ray Charbonneau to talk about his latest running book, “Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work”. Ray shares stories about running as a guide for a visually impaired runner, running a 50K ultramarathon on one two-mile stretch of road, and what he does to improve his running while cooking his oatmeal.

Listen now: Episode 54: The FaceGirls

To find out more about Ray and his books:

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5 thoughts on “Season 3, Episode 54: The FaceGirls

  1. Hi,
    There are currently 8 of your Season 3 episodes that can’t be downloaded from Podbean or from iTunes. They are episodes 25, 26. 34. 37, 40, 53, 54 and 56.

    It would be much appreciated if you could fix them. Keep up the good work AND the running!

    1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Gail. I am contacting our podcast host to find out why these episodes are no longer playing on our feed, and how we can get them corrected quickly. Will update when I know more! – Sue

      1. Hi Sue,
        Just to let you know. The problem has been fixed and all those episodes can be downloaded again.


      2. Thanks, Gail! I am making backups of all the episodes I lost since my hard drive crashed. Should be good after today!

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