Season 3, Episode 52: Run the Mile You’re In


This week Meagan is sick again, Katie’s parents are in town, and Sue manages to fix her computer and put out a new episode! Plus, we’re finally catching up on all of the great feedback you’ve been sending us.

Listen now: Episode 52: Run the Mile You’re In

Runner Girl Recommends:
Meagan: Bare Baked Apple Chips
Sue: Fitness Blender
Katie: Running to the beat of music

Runner Guy of the Week:
Justin from MA on DailyMile

Charity Challenge:
Thanks this week to Rebekah Cook, Shelly Schneider, Sydnee Franzwa, Christa Allgood, Catherine Saggerson, Larry Duncan, Carol Cantwell, Jackie Beyer, and Sara Mithaugen for participating in the Charity Challenge. You can enter the Charity Challenge at

Also Mentioned on the Show:
Standing Figure Four Yoga Pose

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