Season 3, Episode 48: A Different Kind of Miserable


The Runner Girls are back after two weeks off, and this time it’s Katie’s turn to be sick; Sue is on a cleaning kick; and Meagan announces some big life changes. In our injury series, we’re talking about various foot ailments.

Listen now: Episode 48: A Different Kind of Miserable

Foot Troubles Resources:
Common Running Foot Injuries and Issues
Five Common Foot Problems You Can Avoid
Toe Caps

Runner Girl Recommends:
Sue: Volunteering at races
Katie: Pre-made playlists on Spotify
Meagan: Training calendars on your door

Runner Girl of the Week:
Denise from OK on DailyMile

Charity Challenge:
Thanks to Vanessa Phillips, Ashley Morales, Tammy Kubus, Rebekah Cook, Carol Cantwell, and Sydnee Carter Franzwa for participating in the Charity Challenge. You can enter the Charity Challenge at

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