Season 3, Episode 46: Not a Dancing Nick Lachey


This week the Runner Girls talk about Female Athlete Triad in their injury series – a syndrome characterized by the combination of inadequate nutrition, menstrual abnormalities, and bone demineralization.

Listen now: Episode 46: Not a Dancing Nick Lachey

Female Athlete Triad Resources:
The Female Athlete Triad: What all Women
Runners Should Know [PDF]

Runner Girl Recommends:
Meagan: Going to the doctor
Sue: Apple Cinnamon Hammer Gel
Katie: Erin Condren Coil Clips

Runner Guy of the Week:
The Nite Train on DailyMile

One thought on “Season 3, Episode 46: Not a Dancing Nick Lachey

  1. Just listened to this episode on my run this morning.
    It’s been nice hearing about Sue’s daughter getting into running. I hope she keeps it up. My now 16 year old son trained for and ran a marathon with me when he was 13. It was such an amazing experience. Even though our time was an hour slower than the other two marathons I’ve done, it was by far my best.
    I also have a question. I didn’t think I’d missed any episodes, but now I’m questioning if I have. As someone who is as avid a baker as I am a runner, I’d been expecting to hear about Sue’s bakery opening sometime, but now I’m wondering if I missed an announcement about that. (Yes we listeners like to hear as much about your lives as your running).
    Great podcast. Hope you keep going forever 🙂

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