Season 3, Episode 44: A Brain Reason


This week Meagan and Sue share race recaps, Katie is recovering from being Maid of Honor, and all of us are celebrating two years of Runner Girls Podcasts, looking back on our thoughts starting out, where we are now, and what we expect of the show in the future.

Listen now: Episode 44: A Brain Reason

Runner Girl Recommends:
Sue: Eastern Trail and East Coast Greenway
Katie: Pure Barre
Meagan: Mini Wine Bottles

Runner Girl of the Week:
Evelyn on DailyMile

Also Mentioned on the Show:

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One thought on “Season 3, Episode 44: A Brain Reason

  1. Thank you for making me this weeks Runner Girl of the week! It was a lovely surprise hearing you announce it whilst on my run 🙂 sorry to hear that Sue is out of action, hope you heal sooner rather than later! It’s such a shame that your next marathon is in jeopardy … absolutely gutted for you. Also big congratulations that you have all reached your 2 year show anniversary! Let’s hope there are many more to come. I look forward to being able to join your challenge this time round too!
    Keep up the brill work!

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