Runner Girls Hotline – February 2014


It’s the first edition of the Runner Girls Hotline, and Sue shares her February run streak runs in excruciating detail. To share your run on the next edition of Runner Girls Hotline, call our voicemail line at (206) 337-4715. Thanks for listening, now go outside and run!

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February Run Streak: Day 2

Blog, Sue Cloutier

After starting my running streak yesterday with a brief one mile run, I saved my long run of five miles for today so I could run with a friend.

It was my first run with Amy but not my first run on Dame Road in Newmarket. The hills were still tough, but my pace didn’t suffer too much over the last run, despite having to take a few walk breaks.

I feel pretty good today! No joint pain, no shin pain. I’m looking forward to an easy mile tomorrow with my sweetie after we walk Anna to school.

I noticed that my pace has started to come down, even on longer runs. Looking at my DailyMile page, I can see that my total time running this week has decreased, even though I ran more distance compared to last week.