Season 3, Episode 19: Perfect Clothing Balance


This week Sue is back on her feet while Katie and Meagan are just trying to survive until Christmas break. We talk about our favorite gifts for runners – gifts we’d like to give and some we’d like to get.

Listen now: Episode 19: Perfect Clothing Balance

Gifts for Runners:

– Tech: Heart rate monitor, GPS watch, Wireless headphones
– Gear: Camelbak or hydration belt, headlamp for night running, YakTrax
– Recovery: The Stick or a foam roller
– Race Registration, membership, Gym membership, subscription to running magazines
– Food (for the nutrition-minded): Gift basket of quinoa, Clif bars, trail mix, protein powder, coconut water, oats, etc.
– Stocking stuffers: BodyGlide, chapstick, Road ID, gloves, KT Tape, energy gels or chews, pepper spray, Bondi Band, sport headbands, pace tattoos, running-themed jewelry, 13.1 or 26.2 bumper stickers.

GPS Watch Garmin FR220
Luna Bars and Quest Bars
-Gift card to a running store for new shoes
-A promise to run a race with them
Road ID
Starbucks gift card

RnR Tour Pass
– Clothing or Gift Card for Clothing: Sports Bra, Favorite Socks, Tech Shirt, etc.
Tech-Friendly Gloves
– Medal Display or BibBook
– Light-Up/Reflective Gear
– Commemorative Race Ornament
– Pedicure or Massage

Runner Girl of the Week:
Theresa on DailyMile

Scavenger Hunt List:
a plow, a shovel, a snow angel, an icicle, a palm tree


2 thoughts on “Season 3, Episode 19: Perfect Clothing Balance

  1. Recently found your podcast, and I’ve really enjoyed listening to them for the past few months. Just a word of advice about the pedicure suggestion as a gift for runners. I agree pedicures are great–just be sure not to have your calluses removed! Those calluses are hard earned and necessary, and running on soft feet after will hurt. Otherwise, awesome gift suggestions. Keep up the great work on the fun podcasts!

  2. Until you get a RoadID you can make a pet tag at a pet store and engrave it with your contact info and loop it through your shoelace. I think I paid under $5 for one and you don’t have to get a bone shape. 🙂 Happy New Year runnergirls.

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