Season 3, Episode 12: Fluff and Buffs


This week the Runner Girls are talking trail running with the experienced ultramarathoners and hosts of Trail Runner Nation –  Scott, Don, and Faith – who tell us about some of their first trail and ultra experiences, and what the trail gods have taught them along the way. We also get a race recap from Sue, learn about mock trials from Katie, and Meagan tells us about “fluff and buffs”.

Listen now: Episode 12: Fluff and Buffs

Many thanks to Scott, Don, and Faith from Trail Runner Nation podcast, who you can find at and on iTunes.

Runner Girl Recommends:

Meagan: Sports Massage
Katie: RunTastic Pro – a free download right now through the Starbucks app

Runner Girl of the Week:
Mae Lynn on DailyMile

Scavenger Hunt List:
Running shoes, a school bus, a church, colder weather gear, and a pumpkin

3 thoughts on “Season 3, Episode 12: Fluff and Buffs

  1. Hi girls – just started listening to your podcast a few weeks ago. It helps me get through my hour long commute with a few giggles. Keep up the good work! I look forward to listening to this episode tomorrow. 🙂


  2. Love your podcast and was looking forward to this one as I just signed up for a trail race and hope to do an ultra next year. Was really disappointed to hear one of the guys describe something he didn’t like as ‘gay’. Really? In this day and age we still have to hear casual homophobia? Not blaming you guys by any means, but definitely won’t be listening to their podcast.

  3. This was a great “cross over” podcast with folks from Trail Runner Nation. I listen to episodes from both your shows, so this seemed like a special treat! Thanks for putting this together.

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