Season 2, Episode 7: You’re Not Flava Flav


This week Meagan tells us all about her Gasparilla Half Marathon, Katie takes a tumble, and Sue learns she’s not invincible after all. We also discuss talking to strangers, talking while running, and talking to Bart Yasso. If you’d like to enter the Runner Girls Charity Challenge, or donate to our $1,000 fundraising goal for Girls on the Run, go to

Download now: Episode 7: You’re Not Flava Flav

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Katie: Runners’ First Aid Kit
Sue: Trail Runner Nation
Meagan: Talking to people at races

Runner Girl of the Week
Kasey on DailyMile

One thought on “Season 2, Episode 7: You’re Not Flava Flav

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Just wanted to say thanks for the podcast– like one of the reviewers, I also find myself talking (or laughing) with your podcasts. I listen to a lot of running podcasts, but I think what I enjoy most about yours is how real you ladies are. You don’t pretend to be perfect, and I really like that. I think it makes you more relatable and makes me feel ok when my runs don’t go as planned. And, the bad runs make the good runs that much better! Anyways, I can’t wait to continue following your progress, and I hope you have another listener podcast some day–I definintely would want to join you (I’m getting excited–how cool would THAT be?!). Ok, I’m gonna get out and run now…

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