Season 2, Episode 4: Pull Out My Sausage


This week Meagan is sick again, Katie’s late again, and Sue is injured again. Join us as we talk half marathon training, discuss stamina workouts vs speed workouts, and wonder how a sausage might be useful to a runner.

Download now: Season 2, Episode 4: Pull Out My Sausage

Weekly Topic Resources:

McMillan Running: The 12 Key Workouts

Runner Girl Recommends:

Katie: Any timing device

Sue: Tech Touch Gloves at Target

Meagan: BondiBand Compression Socks – I got mine in pastel argyle!

Runner Girl of the Week:

Cecilia on DailyMile

One thought on “Season 2, Episode 4: Pull Out My Sausage

  1. Thanks for the new episode, RunnerGirls – You were missed last week!

    Sorry to hear that Meagan has been sick – it’s been a rough winter even for those of us who aren’t new teachers. It would be great if you guys could give your thoughts about running when recovering (or recovered?) from a flu/cold – there’s always that iffy time where you’re not sure if your runs are tough because you’re still a little sick, or because you just haven’t run a a while.

    Hope you all stay healthy and uninjured, and thanks so much for keeping us all inspired and entertained!

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