Season 1, Episode 18: We Didn’t Even Know We Were There


It’s another full show this week as we are joined by four listeners with race recaps galore! We also talk about a little bit about Thanksgiving, the running we’ve been doing over the past two weeks, and try to keep Meagan alive through her cold. Thanks to our guests Threasa, Mae Lynn, Jesyka, and Jackie. Check out Jesyka’s running blog at

Stay tuned for our final episode of season 1 next week!

Download now: Episode 18: We Didn’t Even Know We Were There

4 thoughts on “Season 1, Episode 18: We Didn’t Even Know We Were There

  1. Hi R.G.’s! It’s Julie from Wichita, KS. I wish I could’ve called in on your listener’s interviews show….I started running this Feb. I ran my first half here in April. Rained almost the entire time, but had a lot of fun. Finished in 2:06. Then I ran my 2nd half in Sept… My husb & I left our 4 kids with my sister and flew to New England for the wkend where we ran the Smuttynose (too)!! We celebrated our anni at that race: 13 miles for 13 years. Sorry, Sue, I couldn’t stay to meet up w/u. Immediately after my 2nd very wet half, we drive back to Boston to catch our flight home. My time was also, disappointingly, 2:06. (side cramp that caused me to run and the fact we had been walking around Boston the previous day prob had something to do w/the fact I didn’t do as well as I wanted). Two wks after that, on Oct 13, I ran my 1st full here. I fell in luv w/the marathon so I signed up for another marathon that was 6 days later in Kansas City (oct 20) my times were 4:40 and 4:36 respectively. Now I’m trng for a trail ultra in April ’13. Love the podcast. Keep ’em coming!!

    1. Let me get this right…you started running in February, ran your first half marathon two months later, and finished in a little over two hours? That’s amazing! And then you ran another half, and two full marathons, all in less than a year of running? Unbelievable!

      No worries on not meeting up at the Smuttynose Half…I was a mess that day! Maybe I’ll see you at next year’s? Good luck on your first ultra!

      1. Thanks, Sue! I think speed and distance is so relative. I don’t think I’m fast and still have lots of room for improvement. I really didnt do anything special to train for the halves and fulls. My training consisted of a free downloaded plan off the internet. However, my training plan was derailed when I came down with a terrible virus over the summer. (My dr said it was encephalitis but the neurologist believed it was viral meningitis.) I was bedridden and couldn’t run for a few weeks. Thank God that was in August and I got over it just in time for the fall half and full’s. I agree with that comment about the best plan is the one u stick to. I have no doubt that u girls will see the fruits of all your hard work in 2013. Have a blessed holiday season and I look forward to hearing about all of your running adventures in the new year! Ps… Also, i started running barefeet, too so i will let u know how that goes- i’m up to a 10k on rough asphalt!! and i’ll keep u posted on how my ultra goes in April.

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