Season 1, Episode 19: It’s a Living Expense


Sue, Meagan, and Katie look back over their half marathons and training, and look ahead to what’s new in season 2. They also share whether they’ve been running lately, answer some great feedback, and share their Runner Girl Recommends. It’s an exciting time as the Runner Girls announce some upcoming races, share their goals for the next year and beyond, and are flabbergasted by the amazing Julie with who clearly must have special muscles or something.


Season 1, Episode 18: We Didn’t Even Know We Were There


It’s another full show this week as we are joined by four listeners with race recaps galore! We also talk about a little bit about Thanksgiving, the running we’ve been doing over the past two weeks, and try to keep Meagan alive through her cold. Thanks to our guests Threasa, Mae Lynn, Jesyka, and Jackie. Check out Jesyka’s running blog at