Season 1, Episode 17: Poke the Spot


This week it’s Meagan’s day in the sun as she shares her first half marathon race report. Did she get hurt? Did she end up walking? Did she get the pick of the port-a-potties? Only one way to find out… We also share the running we’ve been doing over the past week, give some new Runner Girl Recommends, and find out why Sue is jealous of just about everyone.


Season 1, Episode 16: Shut Up, Brain


Meagan’s counting down the days until her first half marathon, and while we wait for Katie to show up, we discuss running (or not running), how best to recover from a half marathon, share our new Runner Girl Recommends, and wonder when does a jog become a run?

Download now: Episode 16: Shut Up, Brain

Race Recovery Resource Links:

Runner Girl Recommends:

Sue: Born to Run by Christopher McDougall
Meagan: Lock Laces Elastic Shoelaces

Season 1, Episode 15: A Pain in the Butt


It’s Katie’s time to shine as she recaps her half marathon from the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Savannah, Georgia. We talk butt pains, share our running from the past week, as well as some new Runner Girl Recommends.

Download now: Episode 15: A Pain in the Butt

Runner Girl Recommends:
Meagan: Slack Laces
Sue: Thrift shops!
Katie: Mint Chocolate Gu Energy Gels