Season 1, Episode 10: All Parts Awesome


This week Sue counts down the days to her first half marathon, we share some cool theme races we’re interested in, find out if any of us have been training, and share some more great Runner Girl Recommends.

Download now: Episode 10: All Parts Awesome

Races We Talked About on the Show:

Katie: Rock and Roll Series, Run For Your Lives, Tough Mudder, and Urban Dare

Meagan: The Color Run, Foam Fest, and Disney Princess Half Marathon

Sue: Mt. Washington Road Race, Awesome 80’s Run, and The North American Wife Carrying Championship

Runner Girl Recommends:


Sue: Wahoo Fitness Wahoo Blue HR Strap

Katie: Local running clubs


Season 1, Episode 9: Walk isn’t a Four Letter Word


It’s our listener show! On this episode we are joined by Tricia from Tennessee, Maggie from Girls Night In Radio and Maggie’s World, Sara from South Carolina, and Matt from Runner Academy. We also discuss our training, Katie’s 5K race and Meagan’s 10K race, as well as share our Runner Girl Recommends.

Download now: Episode 9: Walk isn’t a Four Letter Word

Runner Girl Recommends:

Meagan: Running Tank Tops

Katie: Workout Clothes from Target

Sue: Once a Runner by John L. Parker

Season 1, Episode 8: The One Without the Running


Running? What’s that? This week we struggle to get some runs in, discuss injury treatment methods, and share some not-so-running-related Runner Girl Recommends. Want to join us on next week’s episode? Email for more info!

Download now: Episode 8: The One Without the Running

Injury Treatment Links:

Acute Injury Management

PRICE Needs Updating – Should We Call the POLICE?

Runner Girl Recommends:

Katie: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

Sue: Bakery Story

Meagan: Kindle PaperWhite

Season 1, Episode 7: What Pretty Girls Are Made Of


In this episode of Runner Girls, Sue, Katie, and Meagan share their favorite running songs, review training from the past week, and share some new recommends. Which Runner Girl loves jogging to 80s pop songs? Which one of us jams to Jay-Z and Kings of Leon? Who lives to run to creepy horror musicals? Only one way to find out…

Download now: Episode 7: What Pretty Girls are Made of

Runner Girl Recommends:

Sue: FuelBelt Wedge Bottle with Clip

Meagan: iPod Shuffle

Katie: Spotify