Season 1, Episode 3: Machine Mode


This week it’s just Sue and Meagan, talking Olympics, running form, and wondering, where does the sweat go?

Download now: Episode 3: Machine Mode.

Running form links:

Good Running Form for Beginners by Brendan Cournane

How to Run: Do’s & Don’ts Video by Daniel Lieberman

Runner Girl Recommends:

Katie: Thorlo Experia Socks

Meagan: Sports Headbands

Sue: fun.

2 thoughts on “Season 1, Episode 3: Machine Mode

  1. Hi Girls,

    Really enjoying the podcast, I’m actually training for my first half marathon on 28th October as well. I’m from London so would have l loved to be a guest one week during the Olympics but I’m just listening to this episode so im couple of weeks behind. I went to the women’s marathon – it was brilliant!

    Anyway I have managed to convince 4 people in my office to do the half with me so would love to come on and chat one day maybe about motivating the troops so to speak or anything…really I just want to join in!

    Look forward to hearing from you! Liz

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